Thursday, March 7, 2013

Practice your anger

Axe effect:

The discussions in the media, about violence against women have increased tremendously. But the question is whether these Medias are doing their work responsibly? 

I am highly disturbed, by the advertisement that is being telecast ed very often in TV’s. I am convinced to use the ad as the topic for this post. The purpose of the advertisement is to market the perfume. But how they are doing it, is my concern.

Scenario in the ad –In a restaurant, a boyfriend is waiting for his girl to come. She will be nearing him and in the middle another man will cross her. Here comes the twist, within a second she forgets him and goes behind the man who came in the middle, because he would have used that perfume. I cannot explain any other ad’s, which are for products meant for men. They are portraying women in same manner or even worse than this.

The concept behind this ad is, to attract a girl; a man just needs this perfume. Even the girl will be attracted as such and there is no place for any noble qualities. Nobody can portray women in such a bad manner.

In the same manner there are movies, songs and print media making money from this cheap tactics. And making the people to think in the manner they are projecting women. In the essence, media is directly or indirectly supports these kind activities and showing them as just an object.

What kind of opposition has shown by the media’s against these kinds of atrocities?

Answer: None.

The reason is Money, how will they sacrifice their esteemed clients just for a moral value?

We have to teach noble values such as discipline, affection, respecting women to the children. Otherwise, a child growing in this environment would never respect a woman, even as a human being. Already we have a large population of such people with us.

To show our opposition; we have to boycott the products, which are being marketed using this cheap ad’s. It is the easiest and powerful way to oppose. This is also a “Sathyagraha”, a much needed one at this time.

சிறுமை தீரநந் தாய்த்திரு நாட்டைத்
திரும்ப வெல்வதில் சேர்ந்திங் குழைப்போம்;
அறவி ழுந்தது பண்டை வழக்கம்;
ஆணுக் குப்பெண் விலங்கெனும் அஃதே.
                                                                            -- மகாகவி பாரதியார்

Note :
I am not good in English, please forgive me if you find mistake in the language. If there are errors, let me know via comments or an e-mail. I will correct it.

Practice your anger is the literal translation of Rowthiram pazhagu.